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The Ecclesfield Conservation Group is applying for funding to erect an Interpretation Board for Ecclesfield Village on Ladycroft Meadow. If anybody has any suggestions as to what they might like to appear on the board, then they are welcome to click on "Edit", click on the space below, and name the places, buildings, historical facts, or current amenities that they think should be described or pictured on the board.

Interpretation Board in Woolley Wood, Sheffield

If you click on the picture on the right, you can see examples of such boards ...

  • I suggest we design a history board with a time line.JimP 13:01, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • List of possible sites prepared by Mel and Joan Jones, from which we have asked them to select the half dozen or so most important...
  1. Ecclesfield Parish Church
  2. Churchyard
  3. Stocks Hill, The Isle, townend area
  4. Filecuttersd workshop
  5. Cruck buildings
  6. Wallet End area
  7. The dam
  8. Old flour mill
  9. william Green's foundary
  10. Parker's File-cutting works
  11. Oliver Wheel or Wragg Wheel
  12. Floodgate
  13. Whitely Hall
  14. Smithy Wood Coking plant
  15. Hall & Pickles Hydra Works

It has been pointed out, and I agree that Ecclesfield is having trouble with its topping stones...

One of two stones in Ecclesfield Park

For example, I would not like to think of what would happen if the mower hit the stone shown on the right...

...and even the police have trouble with their topping stones.


Police station, Green Lane


Unsightly repair on Yew Lane

Perhaps after the cold winter, some stones have broken away from their walls. They are now falling off. Some have even dissapeared, which makes them dificult and expensive to replace with something compatible with the existing wall or the rest of the Conservation area.

If anybody has any comments, they can enter them here --JimP 19:07, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

Click for a bigger picture Click here [1] to "Submit Comments" on Bradbury's planning application.
As you can see from the picture above (taken on 27th March 2011), Bradbury's have already started building a Garage/Workshop on their site at 68a Yew Lane. However, they will have to pull it down if Sheffield City Council refuse planning permission.
Are Bradbury's taking unnecessary business risks? Are they trying to bounce people into accepting the building? Click [Edit] above and add text here (as in a word processor) to have your opinions displayed on this page.
After all, the Council must either accept, reject, or ask for modifications to the planning application. Which should it do? JimP


What is the Conservation Group's view and are they opposed? Where there once were trees and a pleasing view of the Church approaching Ecclesfield, there is now - well - the photo says it all. - Anon


Thanks for your comments above. See the Conservation web site for details of what they have done - JimP

Is it a good sign if the village stocks are in a state of disrepair? Click here for the big picture
Click here for the big picture I have just seen a Heron outside Morrison's Supermarket ...
Perhaps it was looking for the fish counter... (Taken on 2010-03-11 at 17:15 --JimP)
Lime Tree Avenue in Ecclesfield Park
The Lord Mayor of Sheffield is coming to Ecclesfield Park to replace trees lost from the avenue of lime trees. We believe the trees were planted to commemorate local people who lost their lives in the Great War, but everyone is invited to attend this ceremony in remembrance of these and more recent war victims. See for more details --JimP 09:15, October 20, 2009 (UTC)
*First there was one finger... Click here for the big picture, now there are two... Click here for the big picture --JimP October 19, 2009
*The renewed planning application for 52 houses on Green Lane [2] has been refused. The planning report wanted to give preference to industrial and business uses --JimP 13 August 2009
*There seems to be a problem with our horse chestnut trees. We noticed a planning application [3] for the cutting down of two infected trees on "The Common" between Morrisons and the new flats. However many of the other horse chestnut trees, for instance on Green Lane, are also showing signs of either "bleeding canker" or a what looks like a fungus. (Is it really scale insect[4]?). It is apparently not just us, but a nation-wide[5], threat[6]. Recommendations include the avoidance of damage or even soil disturbance around trees; disinfecting tools (E.g. in methylated spirits); hosing off machinery; and careful disposal of infected wood[7]. References to problems I have found are... Identification of Pseudomonas syringae in horse chestnut bleeding cankers[8] in the UK. Problems with leaf-miner on horse chestnuts in Rumania[9] and Europe[10] Problems with Phytophthora in Europe[11]Does anybody want to add their comments here --JimP 11 August 2009 (UTC)
*You can search for listed buildings, and other historical features at ... --JimP 5 July 2009 (UTC)
*The Conservation Group (that is the workers, not me) have replaced the topping stones on the wall between St. Mary's Church and Priory Road, and I think that they have done a fantastic job...
Priory Close topping stones 2009-06-25(008)
Priory Close topping stones 2009-06-25(010)
Jim 25 June 2009 (UTC)

*The Conservation Group has mowed the grass on the land on St. Marys Lane, and has added soil and plant seeds. Note that the only trees felled last year were those designated by the Council as unsafe or endangering the wall.
  • If anybody has any York Stone they are prepared to donate to conservation work, please contact us on "Enter this into the To Box of your email program". We have made a start on the wall near St. Mary's Church by removing all cement obstructions and grass /weeds to enable us to begin laying the stone.
  • If anybody knows the date at which the now derelict cobblers shop on St. Mary's Lane was built, please let us know.
  • The Conservation Group has have just helped plant four trees on the land adjacent to Town End Road as part of the "Ecclesfield Improver Project". They thank Sheffield City Council Parks Department for providing such special trees.
  • The new planning application for TC's MiniMart sign and shutters, has been approved. Click Here and then "Whole Doc PROPOSED", to see the new drawings.
  • The Conservation Group now has a draft document looking at the meaning of "Townscape Merit".
  • The Conservation Group's Traffic Sub-committee is writing to the City Council on residents wishes. If you want to be involved, just come along to their next meeting.
  • The Conservation Group thanks everybody who visited their stand at the 2008 Ecclesfield Gala [12] and give their congratulations to the prize draw winners....
8 of whom were from Ecclesfield
1 from Chapeltown
1 from Hebden Bridge
1 from Thorpe Hesley, and
1 from Grenoside.

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